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Our Commitment to You When Purchasing

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As we work with you throughout the buying process we will:

  • assist with determining your specific needs for a home
  • search for potential homes and screen out homes that are not suitable
  • set appointments for viewings and accompany you to view homes
  • guide you through the mortgage qualification and application process
  • provide an estimate of the costs involved in the purchase
  • provide market information to determine the value of potential homes to purchase
  • provide an analysis of information gathered to prepare an offer
  • prepare your offer to purchase and advise you honestly on an appropriate price
  • negotiate any offers with your best interest in mind
  • schedule appointments and provide access for inspectors, appraisers etc
  • ensure all necessary documents are completed
  • assist with any unforeseen problems that arise following the purchase
  • make suggestions for other professionals involved in the purchase such as bankers, home inspectors, solicitors, insurance firms, contractors and moving companies


Our Professional Associations

To be a member of WinnipegREALTORS® and have access to the MLS® system all real REALTORS® must also be members of the provincial and national associations. In Winnipeg, the MLS listing contract establishes that commissions are paid by the proceeds the seller receives from the sale of a listed property.

As members of The Canadian Real Estate Association CREA® we are required to follow their Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice which serves to protect the buying and selling public.

As members of the Manitoba Real Estate Association MREA we are governed by their Salesperson Duties and Obligations.


Salesperson’s Duties and Obligations

Once an Agent/Client relationship is formed, the salesperson and his/her real estate firm is required to protect and promote your best interests in the transaction as they would their own. The following outlines some of their duties arising out of an agent/client relationship in a typical real estate transaction:


1. Loyalty: To serve your best interest ahead of anyone else's, including their own and at all time to exercise good faith and to disclose all known facts and information which may influence your decision.

2. Obedience: To follow all of your lawful instructions.

3. Discretion: To keep confidential your private circumstances, motivations, and confidences which you shared with the salesperson or which the salesperson or the real estate firm has learned.


4. Competence: To exercise reasonable care and skill in performing all assigned duties.


5. Accounting: Of all money, deposits, or other property entrusted to them.


Types of Agency Relationships

Agency Disclosure

All REALTORS® are required to disclose to all parties concerned who it is they are representing in a real estate transaction, i.e., seller or buyer.

Agent represents one Party:

It is generally understood that whether selling or buying, the salesperson and his/her real estate firm that you engage and rely on for representation has formed an agency relationship with you. It is assumed, that unless the parties otherwise agree, the salesperson and the firm representing the seller is the seller's agent and the salesperson and the real estate firm representing the buyer is the buyer's agent.

Agent Represents Both Parties:

It may arise that your salesperson and his/her real estate firm also represents the owner of the home you are interested in buying. This may occur (even though the salespeople are different persons) when both salespeople are employed by the same firm. When this occurs, a conflict of interest arises and the real estate firm can only continue to represent both parties when both parties consent to the joint representation and acknowledge the impact that the joint representation will have on the agent's duties. You will be asked to sign an Acknowledgement of Limited Joint Representation and your REALTOR® will explain the terms of the agreed limits of the agency duties.


Your Commitment To Us

Once we have established that we will be working together to find you a home we ask for your 100% loyalty. We ask that if your plans change let us know.

As we are viewing homes together tell us honestly what you like or dislike about the homes. Let us know if your preferences change after you have viewed several homes.


Please always contact us if you happen to drive by homes that are for sale, find homes on the internet or in the newspaper and they are listed with other real estate agents. We can provide you with all the information about these homes and help you decide if they are worth pursuing.

Contact us if you are interested in viewing a home that has an Open House hosted by another real estate agent. We would be happy to view the home with you during the Open House. If you do attend any Open Houses on your own simply advise the agent hosting that you are working with a REALTOR®. We can arrange for a private viewing with you if you have interest in the home.

Contact us if you are interested in viewing a home that is for sale privately by the owner. Most vendors who are selling privately are willing to cooperate with REALTORS® who are representing buyers. We can offer the same professional representation as we would for homes that are listed for sale.

If you are considering building a new home we will introduce you to reputable builders. It is important that we are with you to introduce you to the agent working on behalf of the builder. We can provide you with an objective perspective when comparing what the various builders have to offer. We can guide you throughout the process to make sure you are aware of all your options. We will assist you with preventing the many potential issues that can arise during the complex process involved in the construction of a new home.


We are always committed to represent your best interests as we guide you through all transactions. As our clients, we represent you in negotiations and are responsible for the actions and representations made on your behalf. We will apply our experience and negotiating skills to ensure all offers are presented with your particular situation in mind. We know which strategies of negotiation will prove most effective.


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