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Determining a price to market your home is one of the most important and difficult decisions.  It is imperative that your home is priced competitively when it is initially introduced on the market to attract the greatest number of qualified buyers.  Your home will have the most interest during the first days and weeks that it becomes available. 

An overpriced home runs the risk of taking longer to sell and sell for less at a later date.  With more interest in a new listing it is more likely to sell for a higher price than older listings.  When a property is for sale for an extended period of time prospective buyers or agents representing them wonder why it has not sold and assess it as less desirable.

Sellers sometimes choose to price a home lower than the actual market value with the idea that this will elicit more competition from potential buyers leading to a much higher sale price.  By doing this they run the risk of not selling the home during the prime time when it is first on the market.  They may eventually have to settle for a sale price below the true market value.

A professionally prepared Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report will provide the information to determine a price that will attain the best results. This market evaluation will include information on similar homes that are for sale or have recently sold and take into consideration the current market conditions.  Other factors to consider will be the values for various neighbourhoods and specific features of your home.  This information will help you make an informed decision on pricing your home.

We will work together with you to achieve the goal of obtaining the highest possible price for your home in the shortest period of time.


Chattels and Fixtures

When determining the price used to list your home you will also want to consider what will be included in the sale of the home.

Fixtures are automatically included in the price of the home unless otherwise stated.

Fixtures are non-movable items such as attached wall to wall carpeting, built-in appliances, curtain rods and built in cabinets.

There may be special circumstances where something that might ordinarily be considered a fixture is not to be included in the sale, like the antique crystal chandelier you had imported from France.  Make sure this is clearly stated in the listing agreement and more importantly, in the offer to purchase.  If you are careful to note things you wish to exclude in the listing, other sales representatives will be in a better position to point out the various items that are not included in the sale to their prospective purchasers before they even make an offer.

Remove From Sight

If you are absolutely certain you want to keep certain items, you may even want to remove them from your home before you put it up for sale.  That way, potential purchasers will not see them, fall in love with them and insist that they be included in the sale.

Chattels are not automatically included. 

Chattels are moveable items such as fridges, stoves, dishwashers that are not built in, curtains, loose laid carpeting and area rugs.  If you wish to include chattels in the purchase, and in the purchase price, these items should be mentioned specifically in the offer to purchase as being included.   

Chattels may make your home much more attractive to potential purchasers if you include them in the sale. In fact, it is quite common for vendors to include chattels such as drapes and appliances in the sale of their home as an extra incentive to buyers.

The law is not always crystal clear about what is considered a fixture.  We, as your sales associates, will help you decide and clarify what you want to include in the sale of your home.

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